Andrew Reiss

What’s up! My name is Andrew and I’m excited to be doing what I love, helping people get healthy and strong. I went to Chico State and got a BA in Kinesiology. I have my CSCS(Certified Stength & Conditioning Specialist) and I am fascinated by human anatomy and movement. Our bodies can do amazing things when given proper nutrition, exercise and rest. My fitness philosophy is functional movement. Everybody should be able to stand up from a sitting position(squat), pick something up(deadlift), push something away/overhead(pressing), pull something toward you(rows), etc. All of these movements transfer to just about every sport or movement we do in life. My personal fitness goals are to maximize my strength safely, to stay as athletic as possible, and to be mobile and healthy for as long as possible in this lifetime. As for you, first and foremost, I teach you how to move safely. After that, we start working toward your big goals like muscle gain, fat loss, injury rehab, better mobility, better athleticism, etc. First session is on me, let’s start knocking out your goals TODAY!!