Bizz Devers

Training Program: BizzFit Training Academy Owner: Terron "Bizz" Devers Place of Birth: San Diego, CA Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT) Certified Physical Therapist (NCCPT) Boxing Coach, Mauy Thai Boxing Coach, Self Defense, Strength Conditioning Coach, Weight management Coach, Mobility Coach, Weight Training & Competition Prep Coach. A bit about BizzFit Training Academy: Here at the Academy our training ethic is that of a Champion!! Everyone trains to be a Superhero!! The best at what they do!! There's a Superpower hidden in each of us!! My job is to find that power inside each athlete and help them reach their full potential!! Each program I design is specifically created for the individual athlete!! From training Programs, to meal prep to video cataloging. The BizzFit Training Academy is a one stop shop for health and fitness!!