Desi Noel

Hey y'all! I'm Destani, but you can call me Desi. I studied Exercise Science at East Carolina University as well as being ACE Certified in Personal and Group Training. I am a former D1 college athlete, yes cheerleading is a sport ;) I have a heavy background in HIIT style group training, as well as in person 1:1 and online coaching. I strive to help my clients reach their fitness goals through hybrid training--implementing strength+power training, with variety of high intensity interval movements thrown in the mix. My biggest goal when working with clients is to use every opportunity through their journey to TEACH them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in and outside the gym. Fitness is NOT an aesthetic & balance is KEY! We only get one body and it's so important that we honor it for the amazing vessel it is! You can find me growing peaches and dancing like no one's watching anytime you walk into the gym. Making people laugh and bringing the most hyphy energy to the room is my goal no matter where I'm at! I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in training with me in person or even online!